I am a husband, father of 11 great kids, home-based business owner and internet marketer.  My family and I currently live in Southern New Jersey, halfway between the Jersey Shore and Philadelphia.  In addition to working in city management and being the Chief Fiance Officer of a $30 million organization, I have been involved in network marketing opportunities for about 6 years now.

I was born in Northeast Ohio, part of a typical middle-class family.  Both of my parents had blue collar jobs and seemed to always be working very hard.  We had the basics, but nothing that would be considered extravagant.  I did what a kid is supposed to do in such an environment, I studied hard and got good grades so I could go to college.  After 4 years of college life (and 4 years of student loans), I graduated from Hiram College with a BA in Political Science and French – I was certain that I would be the ambassador to France.  With such lofty goals, I of course had to go on to graduate school to get a Masters degree.  After 2 years at the University of Pennsylvania (and 2 more painful years worth of student loans), I emerged with my Masters of Government Administration.

I was on my way toward the great middle-class American dream!  My reward for my 19 years of studying and my 6 years worth of student loans?  I got my first job with the New Jersey State Legislature at a starting salary that roughly equaled the amount of money that I had borrowed to finance my education (which isn’t too bad, considering just how out of control college tuition and fees are these days).

Just over 2 years later, I left state government for the glamorous life of city management.  OK, so it’s not really glamorous, but I was making more money!  In the span of 6 years, I was the Assistant Township Administrator in one of the wealthiest communities in America, and the Borough Administrator in a lovely Northern New Jersey suburb.  As an aside, when I was hired in the wealthy community, my soon-to-be-boss told me that he would not require that I live within the Township because I wouldn’t be making enough money to afford it.

When I tired of having people call me and complain that their trash wasn’t picked up early enough, or that their streets weren’t plowed soon enough, or that I was unworthy of my taxpayer funded position, I retreated back to state government and worked at the Office of Management and Budget.  Three years of budget work later, I fled the public sector for my newest dream job – international consultant!

My first engagement was working on a project for the largest bank within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  How’s that for culture shock – going from farm country in Ohio to the deserts of the Middle East!  At last, I was making enough money to start paying down my debt, meet all of my obligations, and have a little left over.  Alas, while the private sector provides bonuses and first-class plane travel, it does not provide security.  After 9 short months, I received a call from the finance department informing me that, even though they really liked my work, I was the newest consultant left on staff and the company was out of money.  I was laid off.  Total bummer.

I returned to the public sector, but, because of my impressive experience, I quickly became the CFO of a $30 million public agency.  Certainly now I had arrived, right?  Funny thing, though – even with a six figure salary placing me in the top 8% of earners in the country, I still struggled financially.  Being the sole income earner for a family of 11, living in an expensive state like New Jersey, and watching inflation rise while the buying power of the dollar drops, we routinely zero out the balance of our checking account every 2 weeks (do you know how expensive it is just buying shoes for 11 kids?).  If I was ever going to be able to give my family the kind of life they deserve, I had to do something else in addition to my job.  Network marketing offered the perfect solution.

With network marketing, I found a business model that was easily affordable (owning a McDonald’s was a bit beyond my reach), that I could do in my spare time, and that has actually made people wealthy.  Yep, network marketing was the way to go!  However, after struggling (and learning a lot) for almost 4 years with different MLM companies, not only was I no closer to my dreams, I was actually farther away.  Using what I learned during that time, and working on myself, I got back to the basics in building my business.  Keeping it simple really does make an incredible difference!  Being persistent, following your instincts, and doing something every day absolutely pays off.

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