I thought I’d write a quick post about a potential danger facing network marketers as they grow their business.  One of the biggest traps that new networkers fall into is making themselves too responsible for the success of their distributors.  While it is crucial that you be available to mentor and train your new distributors, you cannot assume all of the responsibility for their success or failure.  Once they are properly trained and have an adequate understanding of the company and products, it’s time for them to develop into leaders.

Network marketing is a business of duplication, and you need to teach your team members how to create success in their organizations.  The worst thing that you can do for a new business partner is to do everything for him or her.  That’s not to say you push them out of the nest once they’ve hatched to see if they fly or not – because most likely they’re going to land with a thud.  Your team members need to know that they can call you for support, coaching, and help in closing their prospects.  Early on, you will probably need to spend a good deal of time on 3-way calls and doing the first few meetings for your new distributors.  But it is important to show them that what you are doing can be done by them as well, as they help their new distributors get up and running.  If you insist on micromanaging your downline’s organization, you will not be developing any leaders within your organization.  You also run the risk of completely thwarting your own growth because you will not have enough time to prospect and recruit new people into the business.

The only real way to grow your business and maintain your success is to never stop recruiting.  Spending too much time managing your team, instead of empowering them, will ultimately stagnate the business.  The more leaders that you allow to develop, the more success their businesses will have.  Jim Rohn once said, “We must learn to help those who deserve it, not just those who need it.  Life responds to deserve, not need.”

– Mark

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