I was on the phone the other day with a prospect that really sounded interested in joining the business.  We had spoken a few times over the course of about a week, he had seen the websites and the presentation, and said he wanted to speak with his wife before he signed up.  In fact, he made it sound like it was a done deal, and speaking with his wife was just a formality.

You know what happened.  When it came time to click on that “Join Now” button, he just couldn’t do it.  Even though his wife wanted him to have his own business, he was mentally unable to pull the trigger.  He had never done anything like network marketing before, and even though I assured him that the entire team would be there to help him grow his business, he could not step out and do something different.  He said he had the desire, but not the nerve to pursue this business.

This is a fairly common response by many to a network marketing opportunity.  We’ve spent so many years being indoctrinated that the only way to be successful is to go to school, study hard, get good grades, then get a good job, that we pass on what can truly be a life-changing opportunity.  If we don’t step out of our comfort zone and strive for something greater than what we have, then our circumstances will certainly not change.  Everyone I’ve ever spoken to has a desire to have more freedom – both financially and from a lifestyle and time aspect.  But what so many of them do not realize is that if, after 10, 20 or more years of working a job, if you don’t have the freedom you want today, you most definitely won’t have it continuing down the same path until you ultimately retire.  That’s if you have enough money to retire.

I know that stretching and growing can be painful, and it’s not easy to step outside our comfort zone to try something different.  I also know that it’s much less painful than continuing down a path that has thus far left you disappointed and without any hope of having the life you truly desire.  It’s time to burn the ships.

– Mark


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