I borrowed the above title from No Greater Joy Mom, a blog about faith, adoption, and the lives of a wonderful family that has decided to go all out for Jesus.  They have never hesitated to do all that they could to advocate for the orphan.  I am amazed at their faith and commitment to live according to the Gospel of Jesus.  Their conviction to hold nothing back in their obedience to God is a source of great strength to me.  I love to read their stories.

Things got personal this morning.  Adeye, the author of the blog, has shared OUR story – Faith In The Fire.  I am so humbled by her words, and so thankful that she has opened her heart as she shared our story.  I am moved to the point of tears by this wonderful act, and by her amazing love for the orphan.  Please read our story on her blog by clicking on the above link.

Eliza                                         Evangeline


Thank you so much, Adeye, for your kindness and desire to help not only our girls, but orphans everywhere.  The Body of Christ is indeed amazing!

– Mark