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By a quick show of hands, how many of you are NOT on Twitter?  Okay, three of you (and two of you are my parents).  I’m joking, obviously, but the point I’m making is that these days, it seems like everyone is on Twitter – except my parents, who really don’t know what it is.  Businesses have become very prolific on Twitter, as this social media tool is used to create an identity, share thoughts, products or random comments about nothing.  Just to spice things up, every now and then a celebrity or pro athlete will say something completely idiotic, which is always good for a few laughs.  Yes, Twitter has allowed us to express ourselves and share many things with many people.

Enough about that.  Here’s what I absolutely HATE about Twitter: it seems like everyone is trying to sell me something right off the bat!  Looking through the welcome messages I have gotten from most of the new people that I follow, almost every one is urging me to try their system right away.  “Hey Mark, do you want to see how Twitter can pay your bills?” or “Can I offer you my revolutionary system that gets me 2 million followers every day?” or “You gotta check this out! This guy makes a bazillion dollars in his underwear!”  I feel like I’m at the bazaar, with vendors yelling at me and pulling me aside to see how fresh their chickens are.  And they haven’t even bought me dinner . . .

There’s a reason someone came up with the expression, “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”  We don’t want the high pressure salesperson following our every step at the car lot or in the furniture store, and we sure don’t want the incessant follow-up calls from the people who won’t believe that we really DON’T want to come take a look at that great timeshare.  The internet isn’t any different.  No one wants to get bombarded with messages pitching someone’s home based business.  It’s a turn off, and chances are none of us will spend much time paying attention to such a person’s tweets.

The leaders in network marketing will tell you that you should never lead with your opportunity.  Rather, use your Twitter welcome direct message to invite someone to your blog, or your Facebook page to get to know you.  And while they are there, they should take advantage of the free Twitter or Facebook or LinkdIn training that you have made available on your site.  Provide some value and worthy content for people as they get to know you (speaking of value, you will absolutely love this webinar on a Government Approved Money System that you can take advantage of).  That way, when they realize you are one of the few people who are not trying to hustle them, they will be more interested in your opinions on different business matters.  If they are open to other ways of generating income, chances are they’ll be more receptive to what you are doing, more interested on how you are growing your business, and what you and your system can do for them.  You can spend the time getting to know them as well.

Who knows? You might even end up working together.

Collect Assets While You Earn Income – I won’t buy you dinner, but maybe a cup of coffee.