Let’s face it: as much as we don’t like to admit it, quitting is very easy to do.  It’s also something that many of us have a lot of experience doing.  The truth is, it’s something that we’ve probably been doing from an early age.  Haven’t you seen a young child abruptly quit a board game when he or she is losing?  (As an aside, I still remember the day that I was finally beating my older brother at a game of Risk.  He had always beaten me, but on this fine, glorious day, I was to be the victor!  As I was closing in on victory, he got up, said he quit, and walked away.  Curse you, brother!)  I remember vainly trying to solve that darn Rubik’s Cube, only to toss it aside in disgust.  Sometimes, when you are tired of failing at something and hearing about it incessantly from your friends or family, you’ll just quit trying to do whatever it is that you are doing.  It’s just easier.

A great number of network marketers simply quit on their business, before it’s had a chance to grow, as soon as they experience a setback or two.  Maybe their best friend laughed at them and refused to even hear about the business, or maybe their aunt refused to be their customer, or their team members find any excuse under the sun to skip going to training.  Instead of persevering and fighting through the tough times, instead of stretching themselves as they leave their comfort zone, they quit.  It’s just easier.

The perceived relief that one feels after quitting is short-lived, however.  Before too long, all of the reasons that drove us to begin a home based business in the first place, the lack of time, money, freedom, self-worth, come flooding back to us.  That simple act of quitting the business is not so simple after all, for you realize that you have also quit on your dreams of creating a better life for you and your family.  If you go back to the way things were, then things will continue exactly as they have before.   No, if we want change, change for the better, than we must first change our mindset.  Is it really the worst thing in the world if our friends don’t want to join our business?  You are going places that they cannot, or will not, go.  Your vision is not their vision.  Maybe they can’t stretch and grow and move beyond their comfort zones.  Others’ unwillingness, or timidity, should not impact your future.  I believe that if you refuse to quit, stay persistent, you will see improvement in yourself and your business.

So don’t quit!


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