Because we felt that we still had too much space in our house with 9 kids and 2 dogs, we decided to get a new kitten!  Actually, the girls conspired with their mom to get a kitten, and you know I just can’t say no to my girls!  Or to my boys, for that matter, but I digress.  She’s a very lovely, blue-eyed Birman, and she’s about 4 months old.

Aside from having her jump up on my bed during the night and waking me up (along with waking up our 2 year old, who is absolutely thrilled that the kitty wants to be by her at 2:00 am, “Kitty jumped up!”) the only problem is that the kitten is as yet unnamed.  Our oldest daughter, who is convinced that the kitten is hers (hmmph, I say), just can’t seem to come up with a name that she feels is adequate.  Personally, I’m partial to Kevin (in a nod to the bird in the movie Up!), but apparently naming a girl kitten Kevin is frowned upon in this establishment.

So, what do you think?  What should we name our new kitty?  How many of you agree with me and Russell that Kevin would be an outstanding name for a pet – bird or kitten?

Let me know so we can give our poor little kitty a name before she develops a complex!

– Mark