Should I care?  Well, I guess that depends.  Do I care if my child is hungry?  Of course.  Do I care if the Twins beat the Red Sox?  Nope.  In this particular instance, the question has more to do with business than anything else (although it does enter the realm of “personal” as well).  Mike Dillard, he of Magnetic Sponsoring fame, was once asked during an interview about approaching friends and family about your business opportunity.  The question was asked because, as many of you who are involved in networking marketing already know, our family and friends can be the harshest of critics (ironic, given the fact that we often turn to them for support).  For someone new to the business, it’s not always easy to face rejection from the people who have always meant the most to you.  Given that backdrop, we can understand why Mike was asked this question.  His answer was brilliant:  He said that, yes, you should approach your family and friends about your business opportunity as soon as you don’t care whether or not they join.  Wow.

You see, if we want to be successful, we often have to change our mindset in order to be able to attain that success.  You have to plant your flag and refuse to let anyone discourage you or talk you out of your dreams.  Network marketing has created more millionaires worldwide than any other industry.  Chances are, working your 9-5 job (if you’re fortunate to still have one in this economy) will never bring you even remotely close to that opportunity.  So, you can’t allow others to impose their will and opinions on you; sometimes you have to strike out on your own.  Just because people believe that they have your best interests at heart, does NOT mean that they actually know just what your best interests are.

Mike’s answer, although seemingly simple, gets to the heart of the mindset issue.  You can’t be desperate to have people join your opportunity, no matter how much they mean to you, or how much you think they’d be great at it.  So, don’t care whether or not they want to build the business with you, do it without them.  You can always come back to them when you’re a success and see if they’ve changed their minds : )

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