I thought I’d take a bit of a break from business to share some thoughts on raising a large family (or rearing a large family, I never seem to know which is proper).  In network marketing, people often refer to their “Why,” as in “Why are you doing this business?”  For me, I have ten “whys,” represented by my wife and 9 children.  I want to spend more time with them, to spend less time in the car commuting in New Jersey rush hour traffic, to be able to take them to the park, or the game, or the movie, whenever we feel like going.  I want to be able to take them on “real” vacations at least once a year.  I want to see more of their “firsts,” instead of hearing about them while I’m at work.  Your children are only young once, and you get one chance to raise them.  I’ve spent too much time away from my wife and kids, and it’s time for that to stop.

Being the good Dad that I am (hang on whilst I pat myself on the back), one of my evening duties is to find where the little ones have fallen asleep, and carrying them up to bed.  I do have my limits, though; if you are over the age of 8, I’m not wrenching my back to carry you while you do your best impression of a sack of potatoes.  The littler ones aren’t as much of a challenge to haul off to bed.  No, the real challenge is finding out where they’ve dropped off to sleep.

Of the many places I’ve found my kids are:

Underneath the couch.

Behind the toy basket.


On their Mommy.


Praying after devotions.


On their brother.


At the table, holding the bag of cookies he so desperately wanted to open.

And many other places throughout the house.

Is my “Why” big enough to carry me through any tough times?  Is my “Why” strong enough that I will never, ever quit until I have reached my goals?  Is accomplishing my “Why” important enough for me to give up some things that divert my focus from achieving it (like tv shows and sporting events)?

You better believe it is!!


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