“Yeah, right!  Like that’s ever gonna happen!”  Have you ever gotten a response like that when discussing the earning potential available in network marketing when introducing someone to your business?  I sure have.  I’ve also gotten some that I can’t print here (this is a family show, after all).  And I am convinced that some people are actually going to pull a muscle the way they dramatically roll their eyes.  Of course, this doesn’t happen with everyone, but it does happen enough.

I used to immediately get defensive when getting this reaction from people, and felt it my solemn duty to educate these unbelievers; I was even a bit upset that they weren’t giving my business the respect it deserved!  I took it personally, feeling that any slight to the business was a direct attack on my intelligence and ability to rationally evaluate a business.  Only a dope wouldn’t “get it” like I did.

Well, I don’t need to tell you that that was the absolute wrong approach for me to take.  Like Dale Carnegie writes in How To Win Friends And Influence People (great book, by the way), even if you win the argument, you lose the war.  Chances are your friend (or combatant) will not appreciate being proven wrong and will resent you for not allowing them the right to have their opinion.  The sooner I came to the realization that not all people are going to share my vision, the better off we all were.  I mean, if we can all differ as to which business opportunity is right for us, I can certainly allow people to believe that no business opportunity is right for them.

Mark and Rene Yarnell explain it beautifully in their book Your First Year In Network Marketing.  When someone says no to your opportunity, it doesn’t have to be a personal attack on you, it just means the timing isn’t right in their lives for such an opportunity.  It’s also understandable that people would be skeptical about the amount of income that you can actually generate from a business that often costs less than $500 to start.  From page 108 of their book:  “When a thinking person is exposed for the very first time to network marketing by a competent leader who simply articulates the facts honestly, one of two things will occur.  Either that prospect will walk away shaking her head in total disbelief, or she’ll lose sleep for a week from the excitement of our potential earnings and lifestyle.  No one need ever exaggerate nor falsely explain our industry again.  The facts are sufficient in and of themselves.”

Not everyone becomes wealthy in network marketing, but it is possible.  It is possible if you stay focused, work on your business each day, stay persistent and never, ever quit.  If you commit to your business for the long haul, you have ever reason to believe that you will achieve the kind of time freedom and financial freedom that you’ve always dreamed of.  If you don’t work at your business, then you will fail and it really will be too good to be true.  If you were to work as hard at your business as you have over the years at your job, you could very well be living your dreams.

– Mark

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