One of the sad facts about the network marketing industry is that so many people quit before they’ve given it enough time.  Some are upset that they don’t see immediate results. Others lack the commitment and effort necessary to stick with it and build a successful business. Still others never even try to get their business off the ground.  Whatever the reasons, most people quit, and most of those quit far too soon.

We are left former and would be network marketers, most, if not all, who have had their products auto-shipped to their homes, now wondering where to turn next.  They are also wondering what they are going to do with all of the product from their recent network marketing endeavors that has been faithfully arriving at their doorstep, month after month.  If they enjoy their product, there’s a chance that they will use it up in the coming weeks.  However, if they chose a business that looked good, but whose products are, shall we say, less than appealing to the taste buds, the chances of consuming the remaining products is pretty slim.  So, we have closets, spare bedrooms, garages, etc., filled with a product that no one will use, but people feel to guilty about to throw away (not to mention the money that was spent on it).  If only there was a network marketing company that guaranteed its distributors that it would buy back the product if they so desired . . .

While it might be too late to undo the vast purchases of juice, vitamins, water filters, coffee, yada, yada, yada, I have good news for anyone looking to start a new network marketing business: there IS a company that guarantees that it will buy your product back from you, a full refund of the purchase price, should you decide within the first five years that it isn’t for you (as an aside, Robert Kiyosaki urges network marketers to stick with it for at least five years if you really want to see some long-term success).  That company is Numis Network, the only network marketing company dealing with silver and gold numismatic coins.  That’s right, silver and gold.  When you join Numis Network and enroll in the auto-ship program, every month you have delivered to your house a government issues and graded silver coin.  That’s an amazing concept in and of itself, but the founders of Numis Network have gone beyond that and guaranteed that they will purchase back from you any coins that you no longer want within five years at 100 percent of your purchase price.  How’s that for a guarantee.

Of course, with the rising value of gold and silver, coupled with the decline of the U.S. dollar, most people would chose to keep these assets rather than return them for paper currency.  This guarantee pretty much makes a Numis Network business risk-free!  Think of the worst case scenario – you start a Numis business, get on auto-ship and have a silver numismatic coin shipped to you every month, but eventually decide that the business isn’t for you.  Regardless of whether or not you made any money with your business, you can recoup 100 percent of the cost of your auto-ship product!  Let’s see a vitamin or juice company provide that type of guarantee!

The buy back guarantee is just one small advantage to joining Numis Network.  For me, the biggest draw was obviously the ability to collect assets every month as opposed to consumable products.  Being able to earn an income from such a business is icing on the cake!

For a detailed look at today’s economy and how Numis Network can help you succeed in it, just click HERE.